asked questions

Everything you want to know about apartment listings, Lightkeepers, cash back, credit approvals and more.

What is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is an apartment listing site that puts renters first. We believe that renting should be a path to home ownership, so we provide cash back rewards while helping you find your next apartment.

How does cash back work?

In order to help fill their vacant units, most apartments pay agents a fee whenever a renter signs a lease. This fee comes from their marketing budget. So when apartments pay us, we pay you. The more the apartment pays, the more you will receive from Lighthouse. All you have to do is add Lighthouse as the referral on your application.

What is an apartment locator?

An apartment locator is a licensed real estate agent that specializes in apartment rentals, short-term leases, and rental houses. Usually apartment locators are free of charge, and are compensated directly by the apartment.

At Lighthouse, we call our locators “Lightkeepers.” Lightkeepers are the world’s best problem solvers and will guide you on your journey home. Don’t forget to thank them on the way.

Are there any costs?

Our service is free of charge.

Who can earn cash back?

Any renter can work with Lighthouse and earn cash back. In order to qualify, simply make sure that your future apartment knows you’re working with Lighthouse.

I’m interested. How do I begin?

When you’re ready to browse listings, head on over to our sign-up, here.