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Renting enlightened. 

Let's start with why.

Lighthouse believes renting should be a stepping stone towards homeownership.  Homeownership carries numerous financial benefits and intangible bonuses like shelter and stability.
Renting can be an endless cycle. Over half of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Many people are paying up to 50 percent of their income on rent and can't save anything. Homeownership isn't even on the table.
We're a different kind of apartment rental site. We offer meaningful cash back to renters that pay rent on time.

How is this a better solution?

You already get cash back for everything — credit cards, gas, food, travel — why not rent? 
Apartments need renters and reliable payments. We make landlords happy by delivering responsible renters. As a result, we can reward renters with real, long-term savings. Everyone wins.
We’re just getting started with cash back, 

Who We Are

The Lighthouse Team

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