Welcome home. We're Lighthouse.

We’re a different kind of apartment rental site. One that wants to help more people save for homeownership by shifting the way the rental game is played. One that benefits both renters and landlords.

Lighthouse created a cash back rental rewards program, where renters get cash each month they pay their rent on time. Renters get cash in savings, and landlords get reliability. There are no additional fees or hidden charges for this service. Everyone wins as we change what is for too many an endless cycle of renting.

Let’s change the fact that over half of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. Or that people are paying up to 50 percent of their income on rent without being able to save toward a home. After all, homes bring shelter, long-term financial well-being, and opportunity.

Let’s reward reliable renters with real, long-term savings. Learn more about Lighthouse and join us. We’re just getting started.