Let's talk more about the cash back.

Sounds unbelievable, right? Let's turn you into a believer — here's how it works.

Move into an apartment that offers cash backLighthouse works with over 7,000 buildings to bring cash back to you. Apply through Lighthouse and we'll handle the rest.
Connect your bank accountFirst, you connect your bank info to Lighthouse to get paid easily and quickly when the time comes! We use Plaid to make sure that your bank info is super secure.
Pay that rentYou, being the stellar tenant that you are, pay your rent on time. Easy peasy!
Math & business magicThis part is a little more complex so we won't get into the details on this page, but you can get into the nitty gritty here if you want to understand more.
Reap the reward of being a great tenant!A few days after paying your rent on time, you'll get your cash back deposited directly into your bank account.

Want an expert to help with your search?

Work with the Lighthouse team to find an apartment that matches all of your needs and offers cash back. Let's find a good deal together.